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Keeping up to date with employment law is a constant challenge with significant cases being reported monthly and regulations and statute subject to constant review.
I recognise that running a business is a challenge and that while for many employers their staff is one of their most valuable asset at the same time they are not aware of or do not want to get involved in the minutiae of employment law. My role is to help them with procedures to recruit the right employee, retain them once recruited or if things go wrong to ensure the departure is handled in a risk free way as possible.

Employment law is never ‘one size fits all’ and for businesses its just a means to an end, With my over 30 years experience in employment law I feel I am well qualified to bring that practical touch to the application of the law.

Preventative law being better than curative, I am dedicated to helping my business clients to stop issues arising in the first place through sound advice and training for managers and carrying out employment audits.

However if presented with an employment tribunal claim I will always give an honest assessment at the outset of the pros and cons and commercial and reputational realities. If the case does come to a hearing then I will normally conduct the case myself.

As to the areas of work I am involved in see “Where I can help”

Although based in Haslemere I find that many matters can be dealt with by phone and email so my client base is geographically widespread.
Current clients include a pub chain, a school, a city support company, advertising agencies, software company and a cleaning company.

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