Company Slogan


I fully understand the importance of value for money and control over costs whether a business or an individual.

I always aim to give focused advice to clients which reflect legal and commercial needs. This reduces not only direct legal costs, but also the substantial indirect costs and time commitment of protracted employment disputes.

Without the overheads and large fee earning "tail of a large firm I can offer my services at sensible rates.

Specifically I offer -

  • a flexible fee structure tailored to your needs
  • to check for you if you have insurance cover for legal fees
  • fixed fees wherever possible
  • reasonable hourly rates
  • information on the likely total level of fees to help you make an informed decision
  • advice your risk to paying the fees of the other side in any contentious matter
  • transparency in the calculation of fees
  • constant updates on current and future likely fees and regular billing

Not all matters can be dealt with on a fixed fee basis. Where this is not possible I will advise you before any fees are incurred give you an estimate and will immediately update you if that estimate is likely to be exceeded and importantly before it has been exceeded.

I will always give a fixed fee where possible. Where I give a fixed fee quotation you will receive a breakdown for the component parts of the work, details of any likely disbursements and when fees will be payable so that you can budget.

For a claim in an Employment Tribunal or in the ordinary courts It is impossible to give a fee in advance here as each case is very different. In complexity and the time commitment However or a relatively straightforward claim with a one day hearing in a tribunal where I provided full Client representation an average fee would be in the region of 1500. A more complex case with say three days in a tribunal could be in the region of 5000. Charges would be on an hourly basis. The current g hourly charge would be advised at the time. However before launching a claim I will give an indication of likely costs for each stage of that case with alternatives if the Client wishes to self represent or handle a particular stage him or herself. If a Client self represented and I advised as necessary the fee would be considerably less.

The only addition to my fees would be copying charges and payment of agreed experts reports - rare.

A potential claimant needs to be are that it is unusual for a claimant even if successful to recover legal costs from the other side.

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