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Employees and workers have a raft of employment law rights but understanding what those rights are, how to apply them and their value requires specialist advice.
I advise In particular individuals on

  • contracts and terms of employment when they take a new job
  • severance and settlement agreement if things go wrong and you are looking for a clean departure
  • breach of contract issue
  • non-competition and restraint of trade clauses
  • how to handle grievance and diplomacy hearings
  • how to frame and pursue a claim in tribunals or the courts

As to all the areas of work I cover see “Where I can help”

Where there is a dispute I will always give the employee an honest and evaluation of their case and the likely value of their claim.
I realise that for a dismissed employee monies may be tight so I will guide employees through the complex procedure of tribunal fees and rebates and if the employee has the confidence to present their own case then I give background advice which can result in a large saving in fees.

If an employee has a problem I give an initial free consultation by phone or email.
If local to Haslemere, I am happy to visit clients at home to advise on their employment law issues.

For Haslemere based Employment Law Advice